February 2021

Blogs written during the month of February 2021

Capital to Income Ratio

Capital to Income Ratio “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” –Will Rogers 02-22-2021 Do I have enough to retire?….Am I saving enough for retirement? Without a doubt, these are the type of questions I get asked most frequently. Certainty, …

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The Stock Market Is Rigged

The Stock Market Is Rigged “Yes, I do believe that the stock market is rigged.” –Ken Fisher 02-15-2021 I agree 100% Ken. The stock market is totally rigged. Yes, it’s totally rigged in our favor. It’s rigged in a good way. Have doubts? The market goes up much more frequently than it goes down. Since …

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Invest In Global Capitalism

Invest In Global Capitalism “The end of COVID-19 was ushered in by capitalism, not charity.” –Andy Puzder 02-08-2021 If you have any doubts about this check out Puzder’s article he wrote for National Review. The Profit Motive Produced COVID-19 Vaccines Our free-market capitalistic system was the impetus that allowed Pfizer and Moderna to develop and …

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Less Is More

Less Is More “If you want good investment performance forget you have an account.” –Myles Udland 02-01-2021 Thoughts as we hunker down for the storm: Before you totally dismiss Udland as being a lunatic who has lost his mind check this out. Fidelity Reviewed Which Investors Did Best And What They Found Was Hilarious Fidelity …

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