The World’s Worst Market Timer

“The only problem with market timing is getting the timing right.” –Peter Lynch


You know my feelings on market timing. In plain simple English…it cannot be done on any consistent basis. There are an abundance of studies out there that prove this point. I have yet to see one that proves that market timing is a viable long-term investing strategy.

In spite of this, many investors waste far to much time agonizing over the perfect time to get into the market. The perfect time is only known in hindsight. You’re better off putting your money to work when you have money to put to work. Bad decisions get smoothed out by the power of compound interest.

Check out this short video of Bob, the world’s worst market timer. This really proves the point that it’s time in the market and not market timing that’s the key to long-term investment success. What If You Only Invested at Market Peaks?