The Stock Market Is Rigged

“Yes, I do believe that the stock market is rigged.” –Ken Fisher


I agree 100% Ken. The stock market is totally rigged. Yes, it’s totally rigged in our favor. It’s rigged in a good way. Have doubts? The market goes up much more frequently than it goes down. Since 1925, the S&P 500 has gone up over 75% of rolling 12 month periods…88% of rolling 5 year periods and 94% of 10 year stretches.

Check out Fisher’s article where he presents the case that the market is rigged to the benefit of all investors. Yes, I Do Believe That the Stock Market Is Rigged

Of course, to benefit from this rigging investors have to know how to harness the power of the markets for their benefit. No stock picking or trying to time the market. Deep diversification and patience will work. Give the markets time to let compound growth work its magic. We can’t fall prey to our emotions either. This can lead to reacting at the wrong time….selling after stocks fall and buying after they rise. A sure recipe for an unpleasant investment experience.

Nobody said it would be easy but you can benefit from the markets being rigged in your favor.