That’s Why They Are The Best

That’s Why They Are The Best

“Dimensional believes investors can have a successful investment experience without having to outguess the market. The firm trusts market prices and applies a scientific, transparent, and process driven investment approach to pursue higher expected returns.” –DFA’s investment approach from Dimensional at a Glance


As regular readers of my e-mails you know my feelings about Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). For my money, they are by far the best mutual fund company in the business.

They have taken rigorous academic research that’s backed up with scientific evidence on how markets really work and have developed an investment approach that’s based on facts and not someone’s opinion.

Check out this pdf file: DIMENSIONAL AT A GLANCE for a nice quick summary on what they are all about.

There’s a lot of info on the page but what sticks out to me is that they have ONE investment philosophy. They don’t change with the wind. They don’t chase the current hot investment fads. They stick to what’s proven to work. That’s why they are the best.