Suggested Reading

These are a few of the books that helped me form and reinforce my investment philosophy and highly recommend these to anyone who wants to learn more about this process:

The Investment Answer

by Daniel C. Goldie & Gordon S. Murray (Short, concise and easy to read. This is required reading for all my clients.)

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

by Burton G. Malkiel (A must read for all investors. Used as a text book at many Universities.)

Winning the Loser’s Game

by Charles D. Ellis (Classic book supporting passive index approach to investing.)

The Unbeatable Market

by Ron Ross, Ph.D. (Ross delves deeply into the costs of active management.)

The Wisdom of Crowds

by James Surowiecki (NYT best seller, interesting read on how large groups are smarter than an elite few.)

Wise Investing Made Simple

by Larry Swedroe (Told in story form, Swedroe is a prolific writer on investing and this is one of his best.)

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

by John Bogle (I think this is one of Bogle’s best. Classic Bogle being Bogle.)

The Elements of Investing

by Burton Malkiel & Charles Ellis (Short, easy to read guide on principles of investing.)