See The Truth With Your Own Eyes

“These ideas (socialism) have devastating consequences wherever they’re tried and the same would be true in our country just as it was in Cuba. It’s never been more important for Americans to see the truth with their own eyes.” –Charlie Kirk, TPUSA founder


In my humble opinion, one of the biggest threats to our country today is this glorified move towards socialism. It’s contrary to everything this country stands for and what has made it the greatest nation in the world.

Members of the student activist group, Turning Point USA (TPUSA), recently traveled to Cuba to find out what sixty years of socialism has done to the once thriving country. Check out this video on why everything you’ve seen about Cuba is a lie. This video is 14 minutes long but it’s a must watch. Please share this with our younger generation who have been taught to glamorize socialism. They have never been taught the fundamentals of capitalism and how it the greatest wealth creation tool known to man. Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie

As Kirk says, we need to see the truth with out own eyes.