My Story

I’ve always been interested in investing and how the markets work.

I started dabbling in the markets while in college in the mid 1970’s. I continued to be fascinated with how to make money in the markets. Over the next 20 years after college, I think I tried every conceivable way to outwit the market . . . technical analysis, fundamental analysis, every conceivable option strategy imaginable. Sometimes with success and sometimes not.

In the late 1990’s the markets were roaring and I was making more money than I ever thought I’d have in my life. I had a great job and seriously considered quitting my job, trading stocks and options for a few hours in the morning and playing golf every afternoon. After all, I was making money hand over fist. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I sure found out what could go wrong in the early 2000’s. What a reality check! I paid dearly financially and emotionally for thinking I was smarter than the market. I knew there had to be a better way. After burying my head in the sand for a couple of years, I went on a quest to search for the truth about investing. I took classes. I went to conferences and seminars all around the country. It took me about two years but I finally found the answer I was looking for.

There was this whole investing approach based on academic research. This immediately appealed to me. This was rigorous independent academic research from leading institutions around the country. The academics didn’t have an ax to grind. They were just trying to find the truth about investing. They were looking for the same thing I was. When I delved into the research it absolutely blew me away. The logic was unshakable and the evidence was overwhelming. It was a true epiphany moment for me. I knew I had discovered the truth and it would change the way I invested forever.