Matson on Coronavirus

“It’s never the right time to panic.” –Mark Matson


The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the financial markets. Check out our friend, Mark Matson, in his recent appearance on Fox Business where he adds some perspective on this crisis: Focus On The Next 5-10 Years… And Not The Next 5-10 Days.

The global markets throughout history have faced wars,natural disasters, inflation, deflation, financial crisis etc. They have also had to deal with other deadly epidemics that had no cure at the time. Here’s a chart that I sent out in a previous e-mail that shows how the global markets performed during those times.

It’s only human to feel some level of stress with what’s going on. It certainly a human tragedy of vast proportions. The financial markets are resilient. If history is any type of guide, the markets will get through this and continue to reward investors with generous long term returns.