I Wish It Was Easier

“Don’t avoid stocks – not if you need them to reach your financial goals.” –Ken Fisher


I think we can all pretty much agree that we do need stocks to help us reach our financial goals. Very few people living today have the luxury of being able to maintain their standard of living by investing just in risk free assets and the puny returns they offer. No, the vast majority need to ride the volatility train of the capital markets. We have to subject ourselves to short-term downside market swings in order to get long-term market returns we need to meet our financial goals. I wish it was easier but it’s just not.

My main goal in writing these e-mails is to present insightful and helpful articles that are based on how markets really work – not unsubstantiated information geared to push emotional buttons that generate fear and calls to action that could be detrimental to your long-term financial health.

Here’s an article by Ken Fisher that I believe is insightful and helpful. I hope you find it so too: Don’t Let the Great Humiliator Scare You From the Coming Rebound