Get Outside

“How long does it take to get a dose of nature high enough to make people say they feel healthy and have a strong sense of well-being?” –Jim Robbins


We all tend to feel better when we get outside and spend some time in nature. Thanks to some recent research in a study of 20,000 people, we now know how much time is enough to get the maximum health benefits. The answer is 120 minutes. The research showed that there was no benefit if the minimum threshold was not met.

Check out the article, How Immersing Yourself In Nature Benefits Your Health, that Jim Robbins wrote for Yale Environment 360.

Pretty interesting stuff. Also, a pretty doable goal for most people since you can get the 120 minutes over the course of a week. That’s less than 20 minutes a day.

Let’s stop worrying about the market and get outside to experience these health benefits.