Coronavirus Fears Continue

“The investor who is prudent and long-term wins out over investors who market time and panic when times are bad.” –Mark Matson


It’s only natural to be nervous about the markets. It’s our human instincts kicking in. These instincts have served us well in keeping us alive but can be our worst enemy when it comes to investing. Feel free to turn off the news media, they are feeding on those instincts for ratings. They don’t care about your emotional and financial well-being. I will always contact you if there is anything you need to do.

This is the time to stay calm and stay disciplined. Our rigorous rebalancing will pay dividends when the market turns….and it will.

It’s never the right time to panic.

In an effort to keep everything in perspective, check out this short video Mark Matson put together called- The Coronavirus and Your Portfolio.

Stay safe during these very strange and trying times. I’m here for you. We will get through this and get to the other side.