October 2020

October 2020 blogs

Truth Not Certainty

Truth Not Certainty “Uncertainty actually is the friend of the buyer of long-term values.” –Warren Buffett 10-26-2020 People want the promise of certainty. It’s just part of our human make-up. You can find plenty of people in life and especially in the investment world that will try to sell you on the illusion of certainty. …

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Moneyball and Investing

Moneyball and Investing “Bill James revolutionized the way we think about the game of baseball by assessing which factors are the most significant in determining the impact a player has on the outcome of a game.” –Larry Swedroe 10-19-2020 That’s right, Larry. James’ research found that a players on-base percentage and slugging average are more …

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Hero or Villain?

Hero or Villain? “Is he a hero or a villain?” –Michael Knowles 10-12-2020 Knowles asks this question about Christopher Columbus. Check out his 5 minute video where he tries to put some historical perspective around this question. Celebrating Columbus