February 2020

February Financial Advisor’s Articles

Buffett on Coronavirus

Buffett on Coronavirus “Has the 10-year or 20-year outlook for American business changed in the last 24 to 48 hours?” –Warren Buffett 02-25-2020 This is what Buffett had to say on CNBC yesterday about the Coronavirus spooking the global markets. Buffett is arguably considered the greatest value investor ever and certainly someone worth listening too. …

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Clements Wisdom

Clements Wisdom “Here are ten money lessons I wish I’d heard or listened to when I was younger.” –Jonathan Clements 02-17-2020 I’ve been following and reading Clements for many years. For my money, he’s one of the best financial journalists out there. He’s been studying and writing about finance for over 30 years. In this …

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Check Out These Charts

Check Out These Charts “There is no substitute for free-market capitalism as a promoter of human prosperity.” –Andy Puzder 02-11-2020 If you have any doubt about the above quote, you’ve got to check out the video that Puzder did for Prager U. The Market Will Set You Free. The charts in this video are truly …

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Coronavirus “….gauged by the market’s performance during the onset of other infectious diseases…investors may have little to fear that this disease will sicken a U.S. stock market.” –Mark Decambre, Marketwatch’s markets editor 02-04-2020 Volatility has returned to the global markets with a vengeance as the spread of the coronavirus has brought China to a standstill. …

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