August 2020

August Financial Advisor’s Articles

FAANG Stocks Outperformance

FAANG Stocks Outperformance “FAANG Stocks- Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google” –term coined by Jim Cramer in 2013 08-17-2020 Want to know how the stock market is doing in 2020? This chart from Goldman Sachs pretty much sums it up. The S&P 500 is up about 2% year-to-date. As you can see, the fact that …

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Listen To A Genius

Listen To A Genius “Most investors shouldn’t try to time the market.” –Kenneth French, Dartmouth College Professor and DFA Director 08-03-2020 Kenneth French is a genius. His groundbreaking research, along with Eugene Fama, led to the three-factor model which is one of the key cornerstones for how we invest money here at Verity Capital. Check …

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