April 2020

April Financial Advisor’s Articles

Matson on Fox Biz

Matson on Fox Biz “Investors have to stay long-term focused…..focus on the next 20 years not next 20 minutes. Do not panic in these volatile markets.” –Mark Matson, CEO Matson Money 04-27-2020 Our friend Mark Matson continues to spread the truth about investing and how the markets really works. Check out his appearance last week …

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Facts Not Opinions

Facts Not Opinions “Sudden market downturns can be unsettling. But, historically, U.S equity returns following sharp downturns have, on average, been positive.” –Dimensional Fund Advisors recent research paper 04-20-2020 Everybody seems to have an opinion on how we’re going to come out of the coronavirus pandemic. What type of recovery are we going to have? …

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The Market Is Smarter Than You

The Market Is Smarter Than You “The real lesson of the recent action is that sometimes the stock market sees something that eludes the rest of us.” –Michael Hiltzik 04-16-2020 The stock market had a significant rally last Friday on awful unemployment news. Covid-19 forced 6.3 million workers to file unemployment claims last week. The …

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SGN “No matter how dark it gets, there’s always good news in the world.” –John Krasinski 04-06-2020 There sure is good news in the world, John. In times like this though that can be easy to forget. Krasinski has done a great thing by starting a You Tube channel called Some Good News (SGN). The …

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