Speaking Words Of Wisdom

Speaking Words Of Wisdom “Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” –The Beatles, Let It Be lyrics, circa 1973 04-25-2022 When we find ourselves in times of trouble in the markets, let’s turn to the wisdom of the greats to help us weather the storm. Wisdom From the Greats to Help You Weather Stocks’ Turbulent …

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Are You A Patient Investor?

Are You A Patient Investor? “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” –Warren Buffett 04-18-2022 Once again, Buffett hits the nail on the head. In order to have a successful investment experience investors have to be patient and focus on the long-term. Check out the short video …

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The Folly of Meme Investing

The Folly of Meme Investing “Human ingenuity is the engine that drives the stock market.” –David Booth, Executive Chairman and Founder of DFA 04-11-2022 You mean the stock market isn’t driven by these so called meme stocks that we’ve been hearing so much about lately? You know those stocks that have gained cult-like following on …

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You Got Vertigo Yet?

You Got Vertigo Yet? “Volatility and stocks go hand-in-hand. Embrace it. Don’t try timing it. You can’t control it – only how you react.” –Ken Fisher 03-28-2022 You got vertigo yet from the crazy stock market swings of late? Unless you want to live with near zero returns on risk free investments, you have to …

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ADV 2 for 2022

ADV 2 for 2022 As part of my fiduciary duty to you, I am required to supply you with a copy of my annual ADV 2 that I submit to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). My filing for 2022 is available for downloading: Download ADV 2 pdf There are no material changes from the …

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Ukraine, Markets and Predictions

Ukraine, Markets and Predictions “Diversify as broadly as you possibly can and then don’t worry about it.” –Paul Winkler 03-07-2022 Paul is an advisor friend of mine from Tennessee. He has a very successful financial advice radio show in the Nashville area. We share the same investment philosophy. He’s put together this great 5 minute …

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Happy Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” –Ronald Reagan 02-21-2022 Wise words from a great President! Happy Presidents’ Day!