Bill Kelly

Hero or Villain?

Hero or Villain? “Is he a hero or a villain?” –Michael Knowles 10-12-2020 Knowles asks this question about Christopher Columbus. Check out his 5 minute video where he tries to put some historical perspective around this question. Celebrating Columbus

Managing the Unmanageable

Managing the Unmanageable “We need to unlearn what we think we already know.” –Jonathan Clements 09-21-2020 The truth of the matter is that we humans are not wired for investment success. Our brains are hard wired for short-term survival needs. Unfortunately, these short-term needs usually run contrary to what it takes to be a successful …

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Divorced From Reality?

Divorced From Reality? “In some sense, the stock market has always been “divorced from reality” since its job is not to report today’s temperature but what investors think it will be next year and the year after that and the year after that and so on.” –Weston Wellington, V.P, Dimensional Fund Advisors 09-14-2020 What’s going …

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Lessons From Buffett

Lessons From Buffett “Buffett’s legacy isn’t limited to his investing prowess – he also has an uncanny knack for educating investors.” –Barbara Cisner Bayer 09-08-2020 I always enjoyed Warren Buffett’s folksy and down to earth way of explaining things. Here are four lessons from Buffett that should help investors of all ages. Warren Buffett’s 4 …

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FAANG Stocks Outperformance

FAANG Stocks Outperformance “FAANG Stocks- Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google” –term coined by Jim Cramer in 2013 08-17-2020 Want to know how the stock market is doing in 2020? This chart from Goldman Sachs pretty much sums it up. The S&P 500 is up about 2% year-to-date. As you can see, the fact that …

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Listen To A Genius

Listen To A Genius “Most investors shouldn’t try to time the market.” –Kenneth French, Dartmouth College Professor and DFA Director 08-03-2020 Kenneth French is a genius. His groundbreaking research, along with Eugene Fama, led to the three-factor model which is one of the key cornerstones for how we invest money here at Verity Capital. Check …

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