Achieve Peace of Mind... by Investing Truthfully

Welcome To Verity Capital Management, LLC

So We Build Portfolios That Are:

  • Highly diversified (own all major global asset classes)
  • Expose your capital to the proper risk elements (Fama/French 3 factor model)
  • Low cost (use passive structured asset class approach)
  • Tax efficient

Our Philosophy

Most people think investing and investment advice is all about a forecast.
A forecast of what the market or a particular stock is going to do. After all, this is how we were all taught to define investment success… predicting market direction and pick winning stocks.

This, however, is actually nothing more than gambling and speculating. I like to think that I teach people how to invest.

The good news is that you don’t need a forecast. When you invest in the capital markets, there is a capital market rate of return that’s there for the taking. We build portfolios not based on someone’s opinion or forecast but rather on rigorous independent academic research.